Since Xtreme Juice Tampa was founded in 1997, our sales have increased every quarter compared to sales from the year before. We originally set a goal almost five years ago to give back to the community when we reached the level that we achieved in 2001.

We believe in contributing to our community to promote interests similar to ours. We have narrowed our list down to two things: 1) reward students for making exceptional grades, and 2) support young athletes for participating on local teams.

A+ Program

Rewarding students for making exceptional grades.

Working directly with local schools (within a 5 mile radius of our store), Xtreme Juice will donate a "Free Smoothie" to all students (attending participating schools) that make the honor roll. Xtreme Juice will donate well over 1000 smoothies for the school year beginning in 2002.

*If your school does not currently participate in our program, please have your principal contact our store for details.

Students who attend schools involved in the program receive a "Free Smoothie Certificate". Report cards may not be used to receive a free smoothie.

Xtreme Juice Sports

Supporting young athletes for participating on local sports teams.

Xtreme Juice currently sponsors a variety of local sports teams. Xtreme Juice provides uniforms and team smoothies at the end of the year.

*If you are interested in having your team sponsored by Xtreme Juice, please have your coach contact our store for details.
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